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Go to market

Market Mind has held Go to market workshops with over 300 Xerox concessionaires. Our experience in the printing industry, our market segmentation models and Go to market expertise has driven many sales teams to a better coverage model along with better results.

Go to market elements

An effective Go to market strategy focused on the right target group will always remain of key importance. It supports your primary process to make your sales team more productive and to realise your potential better. The key elements of our Go to market service:
  • » model to estimate the business potential per account
  • » customer segmentation (A B C D E X)
  • » detailed market potential analysis
  • » SWOT analysis with market shares
  • » coverage simulation with territory loading
  • » coverage scenarios for business improvements
  • » excel file ready to import in your CRM

Our business mirror, thoughts and coverage plans contribute to a more targeted sales approach. During a face-to-face or online workshop we can present our findings. And discuss how to improve.

Market dynamics with new influencers

Market characteristics are continuously changing. We do take into account new dynamics that influence your business such as:
  • » printvolume trends
  • » internet channels
  • » purchasing behaviour
  • » competition
  • » demand generation
  • » Document Management & Scanning solutions

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